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The Company provides a complete shotblast cleaning service to SIS and SSPC standards, aluminum metal spraying to BS EN 22063 when specified, and a full range of protective paint coatings to meet our customer's requirements.  The painting of pre-treated i.e. galvanized and nonferrous metals can also be accommodated by Northern Protective Coatings.  The Company can, if required, provide on-site blasting and painting services.

The Company has been involved in some very high profile and prestigious contracts ranging from road bridges and motorway signs to two of the newest stands at St. James' Park. Organisations that have employed Northern Protective Coatings include:  British Gas, Ministry Of Defence, Network Rail, Sellafield, Ministry Of Transport and have completed many projects for the Off-Shore and Renewable Energy industries.


Northern Protective Coatings is committed to providing a quality service which is evidenced by the fact we have installed an in-house training system to ensure that every member of our staff receives the training necessary to develop within the company and by doing so enhance the quality of the service to our customers.

Northern Protective Coatings is also proud to have attained ISO 9001:2015 and has certification to the National Highways Sector Scheme 19A. When tendering for work the company can now show to our potential clients that our quality systems are top class, ensuring best practice and customer satisfaction.

NPC has its own in-house inspectors one of whom is a NACE certified coating inspector Level 3.